If you’re reading this you’re probably a first generation North American, which means that since you were born, you’ve had to navigate two cultures. You grew up with Shah Rukh Khan as well as Tom Cruise. Aishwarya Rai as well as Julia Roberts. You listened to No Doubt, Blink 182, and Backstreet Boys on your way to school, but likely bhajans, kirtans, or qawwali at home. You ate Taco Bell with friends and tandoori chicken or paneer with your parents. You wore a tux to prom and a kurta pajama to your cousin’s wedding. 

Assumptions about your childhood aside, the point is that you’ve always had to bridge two worlds—the world of your ancestors with the world of your peers. Back then, there weren’t shows like “Never Have I Ever”,“Patriot Act” or “Late Night with Lilly” with South Asian leads. Growing up, you observed only stereotyped depictions of South Asians, like Apu in the Simpsons. Whether you realize it or not, this shaped how you identify yourself and it’s this identity that you bring to all your relationships—romantic or otherwise. 

So when your elders lean into their experiences, particularly when it comes to marriage, it feels somewhat foreign, because what you saw outside your home was a culture of constantly dating different people and the idea that there are plenty of fish in the sea. You should not have to choose between these two worlds—arranged marriage versus dating around. Instead, there’s a happy medium. We are a solution that allows you to find your person using the wisdom of cultural matchmaking combined with the data and algorithms used in today’s world of online dating! 

As you navigate your two worlds, let us help by doing exactly what our name says: reimagine tradition. Your traditions shouldn’t confine you to one identity, but allow you to embrace every nuanced and unique aspect of who you are. A person who can equally enjoy Jay Z and Arijit Singh, homemade chai and Tim Hortons, saris and sneakers!

Written by: HBM