Loneliness is defined as “sadness because one has no friends or company.” With the unexpected turn of events that occurred in early 2020, loneliness had sky-rocketed for many people. We were no longer allowed to see our friends, go in our office and mingle with co-workers, and date to find love. 


COVID created a world of isolation, desocialization, and loneliness especially for those who are single. As life slowly returns to normalcy and we are able to meet new people again it is important to gain clarity about intentions and to date consciously rather than from a place of loneliness. Dating efficiently rather than desperately. During a time like this it is a great option to start utilizing matchmaking companies and dating apps. 


If you feel as though you are ready to start dating, consider your reasons for doing so. Is it to avoid loneliness or is it to find a genuine connection? If you are dating out of fear of being alone, you most likely will not have thriving relationships due to codependent tendencies. Codependency will ignite desperation and impatience which leads to lowered standards for yourself and lack of boundary setting. Maybe right now what would work best for you is focusing on your own self-love and self-discovery journey and seeking out support first. Take time to yourself and switch from loneliness to solitude. Increase human connection without pressures of romance attached to it. However, if you are dating out of genuine curiosity to find love then you are on the right path.


To prepare yourself for dating in this “new normal” start with clarifying your intention, boundaries, and ideal relationship dynamic. If you are not aware of these and decide to date, you will be dating from an unconscious mindset which will lead to potentially damaging and hurtful relationships. It can be helpful to utilize assistance as you enter the new world of dating through a matchmaker and/or dating coach so that you are able to gain clarity on these thoughts while having 1 on 1 guidance from a dating professional who can help. 


Good luck!


Written by : Pavan Basra, Dating Consultant