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When it comes to dating we understand and appreciate how valuable your time is and how challenging it can be to find that time to devote to the search process. Using a matchmaker eliminates some of the guesswork – you meet screened and qualified professional singles who fit what you’re looking for. Similar to the way you hire a real estate agent to find you your perfect home or a recruiter to find you the perfect job, a matchmaker helps you find the perfect partner. Matchmakers are experts at bringing people together. You can read more about why to use a matchmaker here.

We are regularly taking on individuals to match with our clients. If we don’t have someone in our database for you we will personally collaborate with our network of respected matchmakers and find you qualified matches.

All of our clients are single professionals looking for an alternate approach to dating. They are looking for customized and compatible introductions that can lead to a committed relationship or marriage. While we are based out of Vancouver, Canada, our clients are citizens or legal residents living in Canada and/or the United States. We work with all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

Your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We are very mindful of the need to be discreet with all of your information. We ask all our clients to sign a confidentiality agreement – your information will only be shared for the sole purpose of matching with other clients and/or collaborative partners that are a part of the matchmaking process. We do background checks on every client before matching and we take the time to get to know our clients really well. To know more, please read our privacy policy.

Simply put, no. However, please email us at [email protected] if you have any additional questions or want to find out about membership freezing.

Through our in-depth interview process and without judgment we look to really understand you. Let’s talk about what you are searching for and we will always be open and honest with you as to whether or not we can help.

We wish we could but there are no guarantees in finding love! We work hard for our clients and deliver matches best suitable for them. We provide you with a service and an experience, not a product, and therefore cannot offer a guarantee.

While we encourage you to register on someone’s behalf we will only be working with the single-client rather than a parent, sibling, or friend. This gives us a chance to really understand the person and their expectations to customize the process for them.

As a Premium Client, you will have exclusive membership that is tailored to your needs. Our matchmaker will provide an in-depth interview, give you the option to work with our life coach and/or stylist, and create your personal portfolio. Most importantly, with our premium membership, we are actively seeking eligible matches for you.

As a Candidate, you will get a chance to meet with our matchmaker and be in our complimentary database. While we’re not actively searching for a match for you, you do have the opportunity to be matched with one of our premium members.

We encourage singles who wish to maximize their chances of receiving introductions to contact us or get started.

For more information regarding membership and pricing please visit the Signature Services page.