Why is it that so many women say that there are not many single men? And that so many men wonder why they cannot find a woman?

It is because dating has drastically shifted. From reality TV dating shows in the early 2000’s to now an extreme usage of dating apps, no wonder dating is so difficult! Many people assume dating should be easier now that people are so accessible. However, this accessibility to everyone at all times has been the worst thing for single people!


Research has shown that when humans are given too many choices, it creates less satisfaction with their choice overall, and decision fatigue. Researchers call this “choice overload”. Many single people are experiencing instant gratification and ego strokes which then lead to relationships fizzling out quickly, “situationships”, or ghosting. Most single people are burnt out from talking to/dating multiple people at once yet are still engaging in this behaviour. It is not that there are “no quality men left” or “all the good women are gone”, it is that too many singles are wondering if the grass is greener on the other side (wondering about the other options).

You are living in a strange time where instant gratification is at your fingertips and that does not create long-lasting enduring love. Avoid burnout from dating due to choice overload and try something different that initiates real connections. Date for genuine connections, rather than for options. Love is not ego based or driven by comparisons, love is built up, selfless, and calm. If you have made it this far into this blog, this is your sign to break this pattern.

Written by: Pavan Basra – Dating Consultant (Tradition Reimagined)