If you’re reading this, you probably know that finding a partner is difficult. It’s difficult to find that one person who you connect with spiritually, physically, and emotionally. You may have tried dating apps, blind dates, and everything in between. So why hire a matchmaker? Why will this be different? Here are a few reasons:

Bespoke & Personalized Experience

A matchmaker should be viewed as a friend and confidant, but also, in a way, a neutral third-party who is coming in with no bias. A matchmaker has one goal: to find you someone who is a true partner and companion.

A Tradition Reimagined matchmaker will look to really understand you — your upbringing, personality, family dynamics, life journey. The fact is, you are so much more than what can be conveyed on an app. You are more than your height, occupation, and ethnicity. You are messy and you are beautiful. And we understand that your character is built on past experiences, some of which you controlled and other parts that you didn’t. At Tradition Reimagined, we want to understand the big and small parts of what makes you smile, but also what makes you tick.

We want to understand your past relationships, your dating patterns, your strengths and your weaknesses, so that we can ultimately find a partner that complements your personality and values.

Time Saving

Finding a partner takes time, whatever medium you are using. But with a matchmaker, they take a bulk of the work off your plate. We don’t want you to spend countless hours on apps, looking through profiles, and swiping left or right. Followed by hours of dates where you’re sharing the same information over and over again, from your favorite foods to why you’re still single.

We will set up personal style consultations if required and professional photography sessions so that the best version of you is represented. We will follow up with you and use your feedback to further fine tune what is working and what is not, so that when you finally do meet a match, you’re not starting at zero. Instead, you both already come in with a sense of who you’re meeting!

Privacy & Confidentiality

Most importantly, by hiring a matchmaker from Tradition Reimagined, your safety and privacy is our number one priority. We are discreet and confidential with the whole process. You will not be meeting strangers. We prescreen matches with a background check and an in-depth interview, understanding who they are so that you can rest assured that when you meet a potential match, they are properly vetted.
At Tradition Reimagined, we’re trying to help you really dig into who you want in a partner and give you personalized guidance and support on this journey of love. We want to help you find your person and start to build a deep relationship with this person – a relationship that’s built on trust, communication, and respect.

We’re so excited to start this journey with you!


Written by : Punam Nanda, Founder and Managing Director